A Walk Thru Galatians

Questions for Week 2

Please read Galatians 1:11-24
Topic: Paul, called by God

  1. Paul told the Galatians that when God called him to preach among the Gentiles, he “did not receive the gospel from any man, nor was I taught it” (1 verse 12) and that he “did not consult any man” (verse 16). Why do you think that information was important in the context of the chapter?
  2. Paul said in verse 15 that God set him aside from birth and called him to preach. Can you think of another well-know prophet who was also called from birth
  3. If you felt called by God to preach the gospel, what would you first do, what would you first preach about and why?
  4. Paul says in verse 16-17 that he did not consult any man or go to Jerusalem, but went immediately to Arabia to preach. Why was this appropriate?
  5. Twice in this passage (verse 13 & verse 23), Paul reminds the Galatians of his past. Why did he do this?
  6. If you had to convince someone that Christ is real and that He is alive by giving an example from your own life, what would you say?

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