Just finished reading Vintage Jesus

Today I finished reading Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed every single chapter, and also liked the Q&A at the end of each one.

The chapter titles in the book are as follows:

Is Jesus the only God?
How human was Jesus?
How did people know Jesus was coming?
Why did Jesus come to earth?
Why did Jesus’ mom need to be a virgin?
What did Jesus accomplish on the cross?
Did Jesus rise from death?
Where is Jesus today?
Why should we worship Jesus?
What makes Jesus superior to other saviours?
What difference has Jesus made in history?
What will Jesus do upon His return?

Some meaty stuff.

I’m sure we’ve asked at least one of these questions before. Mark doesn’t profess to know all the answers (bummer!), but he gives some great insight into each of the questions posed and has left me desiring to know more about Jesus Christ.

Grab a copy from Kalahari for around R200.00.


~ by jakesolivier on October 24, 2008.

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